chapter  5
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Recruitment and selection

Generally, recruiting and selecting people to fill new or existing positions is a crucial element of human resource (HR) activity in all tourism and hospitality organizations, irrespective of size, structure or activity (see, for example, Baum, 2008). Although, as we noted in Chapter 3, the importance of service quality has increased the pressure on organizations to select the ‘right’ kind of individual, it is often widely suggested that too often decisions are made in an informal, ad hoc and reactive manner. This point may be especially true in smaller organizations that may not have well-developed human resource management (HRM) functions or recruitment and selection systems and may recruit irregularly, with heavy reliance on informal systems and methods (Jameson, 2000). Indeed, within the context of the hospitality sector, Price

This chapter addresses recruitment and selection in the tourism and hospitality industry. In particular, the chapter aims:

• To understand the differences between, yet complementary nature of, recruitment and selection.