chapter  11
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Employee well-being, welfare, health and safety in the workplace

Every year thousands of people suffer serious injury or even death in the workplace. Many more suffer from work-related illnesses or are absent from work due to work-related stress. In order to alleviate dangers in the workplace and ensure that employees are working in a healthy or happy environment, it is essential that tourism and hospitality organizations consider the development of appropriate welfare policies. Goss (1994: 122) recognizes how, ‘Welfare provision generally refers to those policies which are directed at some aspect of employee wellbeing, both in a physical and emotional sense.’ Torrington et al. (2011) suggest that the physical aspects of a broader welfare policy stem from measures to improve health and safety in the workplace, as well as issues

This chapter considers the range of issues concerned with the development of welfare policies in tourism and hospitality. Recog - nizing the ethical, legal and business aspects of welfare, the chapter aims to:

• Appreciate the differing rationales for developing welfare policy.