chapter  1
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Human resource management and the tourism and hospitality industry: an introduction

The importance of tourism and hospitality employment in both developed and developing countries is attested to by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), who suggest that travel-and tourism-related activities account for 8.7 per cent of world employment, sustaining directly or indirectly over 255 million jobs, which equates to one in 12 jobs worldwide (World Travel and Tourism Council, 2012). However, while the quantity of jobs is unquestionable, the quality of many of these jobs is of great concern to academics and policymakers alike. Despite the rhetoric of policy-makers and business leaders that

This chapter sets the scene for the book. It considers the nature of the tourism and hospitality industry and some of the approaches to managing people adopted by organizations and how these approaches can vary. Therefore the aims of this chapter are:

• To recognize the importance of tourism and hospitality as an employment sector.