chapter  Chapter 1
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WithKevin B. Kinnee

The investigator must identify businesses that lend themselves to money laundering, such as video arcades, car dealerships, taverns, restaurants, “dirty” book stores, vending companies, pay parking lots, car washes, loan companies, loan services, produce companies, churches, fast food locations, and wholesale companies. The low cost of “rock” and the willingness of dealers to accept stolen property in payment for drugs is central to our nation’s crime problem. Law enforcement administrators have a responsibility to the general public to get the best law enforcement coverage for the money spent. The investigator has the responsibility to investigate those crimes that are brought to his attention by whatever means available. The normal investigation has two stages: the preliminary investigation and the follow-up investigation. Contact organizations in the business community, such as retail merchants’ associations, and give them information on what investigator's team can do to assist in the area of loss prevention.