chapter  Chapter 11
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Counterfeit Clothing

A Case Example
WithKevin B. Kinnee

The case began with the traffic stop of two illegal aliens who were transporting counterfeit jackets from Chicago to Indianapolis. Knowing that Karl Mand, a private investigator, represented trademark holders and that he has some expertise in counterfeit clothing, we asked for his assistance. Karl identified the jackets as being counterfeit. The instructions given for execution of the search warrants were to take pictures and videos of the entire store and the employees prior to search, take inventory of the merchandise as it was placed in boxes, videotape the files and paperwork as they were confiscated, and limit the handling of merchandise to the detectives in charge. It is this affiant’s belief that the sale of counterfeit items is a violation of trademark protection and further believes that the utterance of such a written instrument is a violation of the Indiana code, namely: forgery.