chapter  Chapter 12
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Credit Cards

WithKevin B. Kinnee

On April 16, 19XX, a police detective received information from Mr. Ant of Lane, Inc., in reference to a credit card fraud investigation. Lane, Inc., is located at 23 Eastern Avenue, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. According to Mr. Ant, on April 14, 19XX, an order was placed for merchandise through Lane in the amount of $471.17. The order was placed over the telephone using Discover credit card no. XXXXXXXXX and was to be sent to a Nancy Son at 38 S. 31st Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. According to Lane records, the actual owner of the above credit card was a Rita Doe, R.R. 2 Box 10, Lake City, TN 3776X. On April 16, 19XX, Mr. Ant contacted Rita Doe in reference to her Discover credit card. According to Rita Doe, she did not place an order for merchandise through Lane on April 14, 19XX, and did not give anyone permission to use her credit card number. On May 6, 19XX, the detective contacted Rita Doe in regard to the above investigation. At that time, she reiterated the fact that she had not used or given anyone permission to use her credit card through Lane, Inc., on April 14, 19XX.