chapter  Chapter 13
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Fencing Stolen Property

WithKevin B. Kinnee

The buying and selling of stolen property is an illegal activity that receives too little attention in law enforcement today. The suspected controlled substances were confiscated and sent to the property room to be tested. A reverse simply is selling instead of buying. These are a few reverses with which we have had success: trading purported stolen VCRs for dope, sale of purported stolen property to fences, vacation giveaways to identify wanted subjects, street comer drugstores, atronizing prostitution, trading purported stolen property for guns, trading guns for dope, delivery of items obtained through credit card and check fraud, and murder for hires. Law enforcement officials have had to devise ways to have an impact on criminal activities in a cheap and effective manner. Detective Michael G. Bates swears that over the past several months, the Police Department Special Task Team has received numerous complaints about subjects buying and selling stolen property.