chapter  Chapter 16
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Homicide Investigations*

WithKevin B. Kinnee

Higher crime rates and increases of violence put a strain on the resources and capabilities of law enforcement agencies. Many criminals today are more sophisticated and in many cases are “graduates of the penal system.” Identifying and apprehending criminals has never been an easy task. In homicide cases this task is further complicated by the fact that the complainant, investigator's main witness, is deceased and therefore will never be able to “point the finger” at the accused. The investigation of murder necessitates a certain tenacity and perseverance that transcends the ordinary investigative pursuit. Homicide investigation is an aggressive business. All officers should be aware of the changing sequence of command at homicide crime scenes. The first officer on the scene is in command until a uniformed officer of higher rank or an investigator arrives on the scene. The homicide detective faces a monumental task at the crime scene.