chapter  Chapter 4
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WithKevin B. Kinnee

One of the best sources of information about where and how stolen property is distributed is the professional shoplifter. In addition to fencing operations, the professional shoplifter will normally have a narcotic habit, thereby enabling investigator to infiltrate both the fencing of stolen property and the narcotics trade in their area. Habitual shoplifters may attempt to steal large dollar amounts of merchandise; normally work in pairs or groups; have a long history for theft, drugs, and prostitution; talk about running returns; have no visible source of income; may be hard-core drug users and/or live out of cars or motels. Businesses are a political base and can assist investigators in clearing the way to conduct investigations. Millions of dollars each year are donated to law enforcement for investigative equipment by businesses. Businesses can receive training in the area of loss prevention and assistance in developing cases.