chapter  Chapter 7
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WithKevin B. Kinnee

A good infiltration specialist must be able to react quickly to any situation that arises. The infiltration of an organization by an undercover officer is the most hazardous assignment in any operation. All other assignments must be made with the support and protection of the undercover officer in mind. A checklist for desirable qualities of an infiltration specialist includes adaptability, good actor, resourcefulness, good listener, good memory, confidence, good judgment, creativity, covert photography techniques and equipment skills, body wire use and operation of recording devices, willingness to alter appearance, and stress management. Although it is the easiest care must be taken to ensure that the informant is controlled every step of the way. Problems that must be considered when using informants are as follows: always expect that the informant will work both sides of the fence, double dipping, drag out investigation, informant crimes, never trust informants, and monitor, search, and control.