chapter  Chapter 9
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Physical Problems of Coarse-Textured Soils

WithRobert N. Carrow

Sandy or coarse-textured soils, whether natural or constructed, are used on many high-traffic sites because of their better soil physical properties relative to a soil with appreciable silt and/or clay. This chapter discusses major soil physical problems observed on coarse-textured soils. The most prevalent problem is low water-holding capacity. High salt content in sandy soils dramatically influences plant water availability and is a second major soil physical problem. Presence of fine-textured layers within the sand rootzone is another common soil physical problem. Hydrophobic (water repellent) sands can be a major problem on very high sand content sites, where the surface area of the sands is limited. Improper contouring that channels water to low spots can lead to two problems on sands: a wet area on which water stands and a dry site from which water came.