chapter  Chapter 13
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Advances in Implementing Integrated Pest Management for Woody Landscape Plants

WithM. J. Raupp, C. S. Koehler, J. A. Davidson

This chapter emphasizes advances in managing arthropod pests of woody ornamental plants in landscapes. It discusses a few examples from nurseries because of the similarity in pest complexes and management approaches. Several other reviews deal with the ecology and management of arthropod pests in turfgrasses and other urban systems in general. Many studies have measured amounts of pesticides used in the production of woody landscape plants. Components such as monitoring, decision-making, and intervention constitute integrated pest management (IPM) programs for managed landscapes and nurseries. Several monitoring techniques are presently employed in landscape IPM programs. The most widely used is the visual inspection of plant material. Selection of proper planting material is an important component of landscape IPM but is of value only where new or replacement plantings are required. A necessary step in the privatization of landscape IPM programs has been the demonstration of their feasibility in a variety of management systems.