chapter  Chapter 14
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Calibrating Turfgrass Chemical Application Equipment

WithH. Erdal Ozkan

Equipment used for applying chemicals to turfgrass must be calibrated periodically to achieve effective pest control and to reduce the potential for excessive pesticide residues remaining on sprayed surfaces. Sprayers should be calibrated several times a year. Changes in operating conditions and the type of chemical used require a new calibration. Low-pressure boom sprayers are used frequently for applying chemicals on large areas such as golf courses and recreational areas. Effective pest control is more than getting the right amount of chemicals on the ground. How the chemical is deposited on the spray target is as important as the amount deposited. Proper selection, maintenance, calibration and use of granular applicators can reduce costs and maximize the results expected from the chemical being applied. Safety is critical when working with chemicals, especially pesticides. Minimize oral, dermal or inhalation exposure to chemicals, and always observe the following safety tips.