chapter  Chapter 18
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Pest Management Strategies for Golf Courses

WithL. B. McCarty, Monica L. Elliott

One of the most appealing aspects of the game of golf is the beauty of the golf course. Integrated pest management utilizes the most appropriate cultural, biological, and chemical strategies for managing plant pests. If pest-resistant cultivars are available, they should be used on golf courses whenever it is practical. Another easy but often overlooked means of preventing pest establishment in turf is the use of planting materials (seed or vegetative sprigs/sod) that are pest-free. Each state has a certification program to provide pest-free propagation material. Pest problems are going to occur on a golf course, and even the best management program cannot guarantee that pest damage will not occur. The very nature of managing golf course turf predisposes it to stress since the turf is often maintained at its very edge of existence. Golf course pest management strategies that do not rely solely on pesticides are in their infancy but are being developed and utilized.