chapter  Chapter 2
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The Special Needs of Trees

WithJames R. Clark, Nelda P. Matheny

Trees play a pivotal role in the environmental, aesthetic, architectual, and engineering functions of a landscape. By virtue of their large size, longevity, and variety, trees have a diversity of character and form that is welcome in urban areas. For trees, pest management cannot be separated from plant management. The overall effect of predisposing factors on tree health will vary as a function of age. Old trees are less able to respond to changes such as site development, soil compaction. If maintenance of tree vigor is to be an integral part of a pest management program, then the implementation of tree care practices must be high quality and appropriately timed and applied. For trees, the cultural component of traditional integrated pest management (IPM) programs plays a significant role. The implementation of an (IPM) program for trees involves issues beyond pest biology, action thresholds, and monitoring. It must reflect the special place trees hold in the landscape and for the public.