chapter  Chapter 31
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Life Cycles and Population Monitoring of Pest Mole Crickets

WithWilliam G. Hudson

Cycles of shortwinged mole cricket are poorly understood, but it apparently breeds continuously with all stages present in the field at all times. Their extreme mobility and subterranean lifestyle make mole crickets the most difficult insect pest to control in turfgrass. There are, however, times when the crickets are more vulnerable to control efforts just as there are times when results are likely to be disappointing. While adult mole crickets are less vulnerable to chemical insecticides, they are the stage that some promising biological control agents attack most successfully. Sound traps attract flying adults to the highly amplified synthesized call of the male mole cricket. Mole crickets can be flushed from the soil by mixing detergent or some insecticides with water and pouring the solution on the ground. Linear pitfall traps have been used to monitor local populations and represent one of the few sources of live juvenile mole crickets for research purposes.