chapter  Chapter 4
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Sewage Sludge Compost for Establishment and Maintenance of Turfgrass

WithJ. Scott Angle

Use of sewage sludge compost and other processed sludge products for the establishment and maintenance of turfgrass is an environmentally sound and cost effective option for utilizing sewage sludge-derived products. Sewage sludge contains a considerable quantity of water and the heat produced during composting causes much of the water to evaporate. The final compost product is a relatively dry, friable material. Sludge compost can be used on turfgrass either during seed or sod establishment or to maintain previously established turfgrass. Compost may also be applied to the surface of established turfgrass in place of inorganic fertilizers. Numerous agronomic advantages are observed when turfgrass is amended with compost, the most significant of which is the addition of macro- and micronutrients to soil. Most concerns compost addition to turfgrass are the same questions related to the use of any nutrient source.