chapter  Chapter 50
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Golf Course Turf Pest Monitoring Program in Monroe County, Program in Monroe County, New York: 1991 Final Report

WithJames D. Willmott, Maher Tawadros, Jennifer Grant

Disease and insect occurrences were quantified, delineated, and documented during each visit. Samples from unknown problems were collected for clinical diagnosis at the Monroe County Cooperative Extension Lab. Diagnoses were usually completed within 24 hours. All information was reported to the cooperating superintendents and the cooperative extension agent. Survey results from superintendents and scouting observations indicate that fungal disease pressure, in 1991, was relatively light in the greater Rochester area. The diagnostic lab has also been an integral part of the integrated pest management program, working hand in hand with scouting observations, especially in disease diagnoses. Some superintendents are better able to practice tolerance, with regard to low levels of turf damage, than others. It is clear, however, that the areas treated with pesticides can be reduced significantly without jeopardizing playing surface quality. Many cooperators do not feel free to risk any level of damage because of pressure from club membership for greater and greater playing surface quality.