chapter  Chapter 53
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A Lawn Care Alternative Service

WithPhilip Catron

Lawn care has many aspects about it that can create either a “friend or foe” image to the lawn care consumer. Historically, lawn care operations and programs were designed as a “one-treatment-fits-all” approach. This philosophy allowed lawn care service companies to blanket-apply pesticides over entire lawns without any regard as to whether or not a weed or insect problem existed. Lawn care consumers need a still higher level of awareness and education, not only regarding alternatives to the typical chemical lawn care service, but also to promote a better understanding and more realistic expectations of lawns and alternative lawn care services. Industry ratios of service calls, cancellations, and net growth were used for comparative purposes to measure degrees of success or failure. A significant increase in profit percentage over industry averages was realized due to a high degree of customer satisfaction that was shown by low cancellations and service calls.