chapter  Chapter 54
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Maintenance of Infields and Other Bare Soil Areas

WithTim Rhay

In some climate zones, treatment may be needed only at the infield/outfield interface, to prevent opportunistic vegetation from creeping into the bare soil area. Of course, the reader should keep in mind that the cultivation depth and cycle information given above is based on the clay and clay-loam soils, weather patterns, and user levels found in Eugene. Cultivation can now begin in the very early spring, as soon as the upper surface of the infields is dry, and can be done as required throughout the season by one or two staffers, typically in one working day or less. The challenge of increasing demands for infield quality, doing more with the same resources, and less dependence on chemical herbicides can be met using an integrated approach stressing frequent, shallow cultivation, combined with the incorporation of organic soil amendments, and bleachers with concrete, and the conservative, carefully timed use of well-chosen chemical controls.