chapter  Chapter 55
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IPM in Municipal Parks Maintenance — A Case Study

WithTim Rhay

Environmental concern is a longstanding community value in Eugene, OR. It is not surprising, then, to find a viable integrated pest management (IPM) program with more than 10 years of positive history behind it guiding vegetation and pest control activities of the Eugene Public Works Maintenance Division. An internal training program was organized for all staff engaged in pest or vegetation control activities. Prior to the first session, a half-dozen staff members were selected, based on experience and/or interest, to be briefed on IPM principles and to research how these might be applied to a specific weed or pest control challenge faced by the division. Most important, the field staff developed a strong sense of program ownership and pride in what the division had been able to accomplish. The Owen Municipal Rose Garden is another positive example of what motivated field staffers are able to accomplish.