chapter  Chapter 56
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The Turfgrass Information File and TurfByte

WithRobert Emmons, Peter Cookingham, Duane Patton

Traditionally, turfgrass industry personnel have kept themselves updated by attending educational meetings and reading trade magazines. The Turfgrass Information File is the primary online database serving the turfgrass industry. Bulletin boards are a convenient way for people with computers and modems to exchange information. This method of telecommunicating is becoming common in all professions. The purpose of TurfByte is to promote electronic conversations among turfgrass managers. Superintendents tired of playing “telephone tag” may find using TurfByte to be the easiest method of exchanging information with a colleague. TurfByte is an electronic bulletin board system for golf course superintendents. TurfByte evolved from an idea originally discussed by two superintendents, Jon Scott and Bill Spence, in the November 1987 issue of Golf Course Management. Duane Patton, another superintendent, with the help of Dale Gadd and Jon Scott, started TurfByte in 1988.