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Appendix 1 Artificing a rationally unbounded life

Herbert Simon was born on 15 June, 1916 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His father, Arthur Simon, had emigrated, from Germany, almost immediately after graduating from the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, in 1903. His mother, Edna Marguerite Merkel, was a second generation descendent of immigrants from Prague and Cologne, fleeing the 1848 European turmoil. He was wholly Jewish on his father’s side; partly Lutheran on his Mother’s side. In his middle age he had shown some interest in what seems to have become almost a North American obsession, discovering one’s origin and roots, and had been mildly successful in tracing his ancestors, particularly on his father’s side. However, this future pioneer of ‘satisficing’ and ‘bounded rationality’ had realized, early in

his attempts at tracing ancestors that there was, lurking behind the innocence of a father, a mother and four pairs of grandparents, a combinatorial explosion of immense magnitude and complexity for any kind of effective conclusion to the search.