chapter  23
Habitual aspect
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In 2, rama raam, ‘Ram’ can be substituted by masculine vah vah, ‘he’, tU tuu, ‘you (nh)’ and maOM mãı˜, ‘I’ (hO hai, will change to hUM hu˜u˜), in 3, sauQaa sudhaa, ‘Sudha’ can be replaced by feminine vah vah, ‘she’, tU tuu, ‘you (nh)’ and maOM mãı˜, ‘I’ (hO hai again changes to hUM hu˜u˜) and in 4, hma ham can be replaced by vao ve (masc pl), tuma tum (masc, hOM hãı˜ changes to hao ho) and Aap aap (masc, h). In the case of feminine gender, Xtaa is substituted by Xtii. So we get sentences such as

tum roz skuul jaatii ho

You go to school every day.