chapter  27
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The Role of Health Professionals in Protecting and Promoting Human Rights

In every sector of society, professionals have begun to play critical roles in promoting and protecting human rights: journalists have convened to discuss their responsibilities when they are the first international witnesses of massacres, war crimes, and genocide;1 business executives have met to develop corporate codes of conduct in relation to labor conditions in general and child and prison labor in particular, as well as trade and aid in countries where gross human rights violations are the norm;2 international humanitarian workers, agonized over the manipulation by warlords and genocidal killers of their presence and provision of aid, have begun to discuss their responsibilities to develop human rights protocols;3 clergy of many faiths have used their pulpits, sometimes at great personal risk, to call for an end to injustices and human rights violations; artists, writers, and musicians have organized human rights actions and events for years, and have stood in solidarity with embattled colleagues.