chapter  4
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TEEN After Marston Moor

Rupert’s departure from the Marches had coincided with a new series of Parliamentarian thrusts. With the coming of the new campaigning season its local generals were taking the offensive once more with new forces. The Earl of Denbigh1* had been immobilised at Coventry all winter by quarrels with the local leaders, who refused to allow him to denude Warwickshire of troops to make up a field army.2 By spring, however, he had obtained the necessary powers, and raised a horse and a foot regiment, with which he plundered north-east Worcestershire when Rupert marched north from Shrewsbury.3 Myddleton came up to join him with a fresh army recruited in the London area, and their troops were further reinforced with Staffordshire detachments.4 With this composite force, 750 horse and 1050 foot, the Earl determined to complete the con * Notes for this chapter are on p. 230.