chapter  2
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The notion of ‘right-view’ (sammā-dihi) is most familiar to us as the first stage of the noble eightfold path. The Buddhist path, aiming for the eradication of dukkha, begins with right-view. What doctrines does right-view have knowledge of? We may expect that it is the central Buddhist notions of the ‘three marks’ (tilakkhaa). Right-view has knowledge of anicca, dukkha and anattā. When a view accords with these notions, it is a right-view. Achieving this view, one enters upon the path. Right-view entails perceiving the world according to the dhamma. In this chapter I will classify all those views described as ‘right-view’ in the Nikāyas. Is right-view any view that agrees with the dhamma? What is the content of rightview, what does it propose? Does right-view state what is fact or of value? It is these questions that I will aim to answer.