chapter  4
Sermons by male ‘lay’ preachers
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Preached by Mirza Muhammad Ashfaq on 6 Muharram 1420/23 April 1999, at the residence of Ali Aqa Sahib, Hussaini Koti and commemorating the martyrdom of Ha,rat cAlî Akbar.


Mirza Muhammad Ashfaq is professor of Persian at the Shîca College of Lucknow (affiliated to Lucknow University) in North India. Although from Lucknow, he is well known in Hyderabad as he has been coming every year as a visiting preacher during the first part of the Muharram season since 1973. He comes from a distinguished Lucknawi Shîcî family, began preaching in 1957 and was in his fifties when this sermon was preached.