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Mateo, R. de and Corbella, J.M. (1992) ‘Spain’ inB.S. Ostergaard (ed.) The Media in Western Europe, London: Sage (a useful guide to the media situation in Spain in general, though its coverage of individual newspapers is rather slim). HUGH O’DONNELL

2 Abellán, José Luis

Abellán, José Luis b. 1933, Madrid Academic and literary critic One of the most prolific writers on the history of philosophy, Abellán is the author of the multi­volume Historia crítica del pensamiento español (Critical History of Spanish Thought) (1979-89), and of studies of Ortega y Gasset. He secured an appointment in the Faculty of Philosophy of the Complutense University of Madrid in 1966, subsequendy becoming professor of the History of Spanish Thought. He co-authored, with Antonio Monclús, El pensamiento español contemporáneo y la vida de América (Contemporary Spanish Thought and the Life of America) (1989), for the third volume of which he was awarded the National Essay Prize.