chapter  5
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Epiphenomena! qualia

It is undeniable that the physical, chemical and biological sciences have provided a great deal of information about the world we live in and about ourselves. I will use the label 'phy­ sical information' for this kind of information, and also for information that automatically comes along with it. For example, if a medical scientist tells me enough about the processes that go on in my nervous system, and about how they relate to happen­ ings in the world around me, to what has happened in the past and is likely to happen in the future, to what happens to other similar and dissimilar organisms and the like, he or she tells me - if I am clever enough to fit it together appropriately - about what is often called the functional role of those states in me (and in organisms in general in similar cases). This information, and its kin, I also label 'physical' .