chapter  7
Pharmacological and physical interventions
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The reason for exploring in some detail the mechanisms of pain and the experiences of those in pain is to help us to have a more effective approach to intervening with and helping those in pain. In other words the expectation is that the more our interventions are based on or related to the mechanisms described and discussed in the preceding chapters, the more successful they will be. This is where a full assessment of the experience is most important – this is dealt with in Chapter 9. The assessment must explore all those aspects of the experience that are amenable to some form of treatment or other. The various aspects of the experience described in Chapters 3, 4, 5 and 6 demonstrate the range of the potential need in the management of pain. In this and the next chapter the range of treatments available is explored so that when we come to the assessment of pain and the administration of interventions in Chapters 9 and 10 we can tie together the various aspects of the experience, the interventions available, and the care.