chapter  1
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Notifiable diseases in England and Wales (with the date each was made notifiable under current or similar nomenclature)

Hon. Secretaries: Dr Biernacki, Medical Superintendent, Plaistow Hospital Miss Morgan, Matron, Northern Hospital, MAB

Members of Council: Medical Superintendents Dr Broad, Cardiff Sanatorium Dr Mullen, Ladywell Sanatorium, Salford Dr Maccombie, Brook Hospital, MAB Dr Love, Fever Hospital, Greenock Dr Rhodes, Baguley Sanatorium, Manchester Dr Rundle, City Hospital, Fazakerley, Liverpool Dr Stewart, Fever Hospital, Willesden Dr Turner , South Eastern Hospital, MAB Dr Williams, City Hospital, Sheffield Medical Officers of Health Dr McCleary, Hampstead Dr Butler, Willesden Dr Corbin, Stockport Dr Clark, Assistant MOH, Leeds Hospital Medical Officers of Health Dr Cameron, South Eastern Hospital, MAB Dr Ta 'Bois, South Western Hospital, MAB

Matrons Miss Clarke, City Hospital, Fazakerley, Liverpool Miss Gregory, London Fever Hospital Miss Hay, Cardiff Sanatorium Miss Ambler-Jones, South Eastern Hospital, MAB Miss M.Jones, Gore Farm Hospital, MAB Miss M. Lloyd, North Western Hospital, MAB Miss Carson Rae, Cork Street Fever Hospital, Dublin Miss A. Thomas, Park Hospital, MAB Miss K. Thomas, Ladywell Sanatorium, Salford Miss Villiers, Fountain Hospital, MAB Miss Watkinson, Fever Hospital, Norwich Miss Aitken, Belvidere Hospital, Glasgow Miss Bond, Fever Hospital, Croydon Miss Stevenson, Fever Hospital, Huddersfleld Assistant Matrons Miss Bryson, Northern Hospital, MAB Miss Winmill, South Western Hospital, MAB

Source: British Journal of Nursing, 11 July 1908: 30. Note: Of the thirty-nine geographically well-spread representatives, twenty were doctors, nineteen were nurses. The Metropolitan Asylums Board in London was represented by six doctors and eight nurses, 36 per cent of the total number.