chapter  3
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It is clear that the quality of the night out as a special or extraordinary experience does not abruptly finish with John’s exit from the club. For John, and for Kim and Valerie, with whom he often goes out, clubbing is very much about travelling to and from the club as well as his time actually in the club. Having written off the local ‘small-town’ clubs these three and other friends of theirs from their town travel regularly to clubs in Brighton and in central London. The relative absence of the restrictions of club licensing hours in London is something that John values, partly because it means that he does not have to go home unless he wants to. This notion of John being in charge of himself-of the night-time spaces of London having a special aura of freedom and alterity that the day-time spaces seem to lack-comes through strongly towards the end of the extract. The inherent vitality of clubbingthe blend of dancing, music, crowds and friends-is experienced through a different lens once John leaves the club. Late-night London appears to ‘belong’ to him-it is his place and his time-and he decides what he wants to do, where, how and with whom.