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This first section of ‘The night out’ is about belongings and distinctions. Notions of belonging and distinction are central to the clubbing experience, and, indeed, are crucially implicated in both pre-and post-clubbing times and spaces. In particular, clubbing is heavily entangled with notions of identification and style, even if only in the form of a conscious rejection of an organising style or ‘subculture’. The word ‘clubbing’ is itself connotative of membership and belongings. Developing this idea, throughout this initial section I present and critically discuss a number of facets of pre-clubbing, which in many ways precede and provide important foundations for subsequent stages of ‘The night out’. I am interested in much more than merely flagging up how the clubbers to whom I talked first began clubbing. Although significant, I want to go beyond these relatively simple tales of ‘getting started’ to look in some detail at issues of belongings as evoked and experienced by the clubbers who assisted me in the research for ‘The night out’.