chapter  6
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From boys to men? Black boys in the field of masculine peer-group relations

However, relations between students and teachers are only one, albeit extremely significant, facet of Black boys' schooling experiences. What has been largely neglected in the literature on Black male students, of whatever age, is the influence of peer-group relations on their experiences of schooling. This is surprising given the fact that children will spend a far greater amount of their school time in direct contact with other children than with their teachers. It is for this reason that this chapter will focus on male peer-group relations among the young children within the school. It will offer an insight into some Black boys' experiences of these relations and, within this, aims to highlight a number of racialised processes that appear to articulate, to varying degrees, in the construction of their sense of identity. Mter drawing attention to some of these processes, the chapter will explore the differing ways they can shape and influence Black boys' schooling experiences. In using two particular case studies, the chapter will highlight some of the specific contexts in which Black boys appear to be more or less likely to be drawn into these racialised processes.