chapter  7
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Adaptation of refugees

While there has been a steadily growing interest in research on resettlement and adaptation of the Indochinese refugees in Canada, resulting in two monographs (Adelman 1980; Tepper 1980), a survey of the literature indicates that, other than a few isolated case studies dealing with the mental health needs of these refugees (Suh 1980; Nguyen 1981, 1982; Cote 1982), little analytical attention has been paid to the psychological aspects of the refugee experience. Adelman et al. (1980), Howard (1980) and Lanphier (1981) examine and assess the evolution of Canadian refugee policy; Neuwirth and Clark (Neuwirth 1981; Neuwirth and Clark 1981) focus on the impact of modes of sponsorship on the socio-economic adjustment of refugees; Indra (1980) is interested in the patterns and processes of social organisation of Indochinese communities during the resettlement process in the host country; and Buchignani (1980) and Siu (1979) turn to the process of refugees ʼoccupational adaptation.