chapter  10
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The Biblical prophets in medieval and modern literature

NOTES Ms Berlin, Staatsbibliothek or. quart. 1203; a detailed description of the contents of this manuscript is given by G. Schoeler, Arabischen Handschriften, II, Stuttgart 1990, 29-34. Another manuscript is conserved at Princeton (Ms. Yahuda 49). Various examples of interesting traditions cited by al-Hay~am are not reported here, but the reader is referred to the notes of al-Tarafi, Qi~a~ al-anbiya'. Besides the part dedicated to MuJ.!ammad, it should be emphasised that the work of al-Hay~am was appreciated particularly as a collection of stories of the prophets, as the Persian translation of al-Tustarl, bearing this title, testifies; see Storey, Persian Literature, I, 162.