chapter  9
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Globalization and the underdeveloped Muslim world: a case study of Pakistan

In every sphere of life, the twentieth century brought rapid changes to the world, especially the globalization processes involved in the geographical extension of economic activities in general, and the functional integration of internationally dispersed activities in particular (Dicken 1988: 5). The degree of interdependence and interconnection within the world economy has increased dramatically (Dicken 1988: 79). One of the main problems for Muslim countries is how to integrate these changes into their system. If the change is not integrated smoothly, it can disrupt the whole process of the development of a country, which leads to political instability, social and religious tensions, and economic imbalances. This chapter is an effort to review the situation of the contemporary world and to try to see where Muslim countries stand on the globalization highway. Are they gaining or losing in the race?