chapter  3
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Muslim encounters with new media: towards an inter-civilizational discourse on globality?

This chapter discusses uses of the internet and the world wide web by Muslims, in the contexts of tradition, modernity, and globality. Electronic networks have become symbols of a technological civilization that has extended itself around the planet. The traditional world views of Muslims have often been identified in dominant Western discourses as being against modernity and its expressions of globality. However, the social-intellectual aspects of the ‘Islamic piety model’, which is quite distinct from the anti-modernist manifestations of militant Islamism, offers an alternative approach to modernity. Its emphasis on a transcendent view of knowledge, a frontierless fellowship, a humanism founded on religious faith, and an economic framework that gives priority to social justice and social ethics, (Pasha and Samatar 1997), offers a particular way of conceptualizing human progress.