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we take a piece of clay and make a jar from it and this one day becomes aware of itself, it will say: I am a jar. we break down the jar and re-knead the clay and make and one day the statue becomes conscious of itself, it say: I am a statue.

The universe is only an 'uninterrupted flow of imageforms'. But a modification is just a more or less different aspect from its cause; basically it is the cause that presents itself in a new event-framework. Now, we can not take in both cause and effect at a single glance: we can see the one or the other. Empirical experience is based upon this concep-

tion of cause and effect; the perceptible shows itself as a hierarchy of these two terms, but what is now effect later may appear as cause, and a cause may prove to be an effect. Fundamentally these two terms can be equalled, they belong to the same denominator; they are simply categories that change constantly and therefore they can not have any absolute Reality. Beyond cause-effect-cause etc., there is Sat: absolute Life-Existence without cause and without effect; we might say uncaused.