chapter  4
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The architectural descriptions of the boundary stelae are arranged alphabetically according to the letter assigned to each stela; a discussion of the stylistic and chronological order of the stelae follows the description. A pair of modern walls project out on either side of the emplacement, and they carry a roof for protection. The arms of the royal couple are completely extended from the shoulder to support tall, narrow rectangular pillars inscribed with the names of the Aten, Akhenaten and Nefertiti. The statue group farthest away from Stela A is also on a high plinth, but only 17-19 cm high at the rear and its front is lost. The statues are carved in typical Amarna style with prominent breasts and buttocks and with clavicles on the chest well indicated. The panel on the left has hieroglyphs facing right which give the names of the king and queen.