chapter  6
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Cosmic God and Saviour. Theban Amun-Re Theologyin the Ramesside Period II

Creation theology is primarily "natural philosophy", i.e. it formulates not so much theological knowledge as cosmological, biological and anthropological knowledge. l The great and, as it were, genuine creation theologies of Egyptian religious history express a cosmology rather than a concept of god. The spiritual situation of the Ramesside period is characterised by the juxtaposition of different cosmologies ( = creation theologies) that do not so much compete with each other as tell pretty much the same truth. Their relationship to one another is best described by the modern concept of complementarity.2 This is not the place to review these creation accounts ill. detail.3 On the other hand, in order to understand the eclecticism of the Theban texts, we have to take a brief look at the spiritual home of the ideas brought together in those texts.