chapter  8
June - December 1971
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On 17 June I met Khalid and Tarik at London Airport. Khalid was then 13 and Tarik 11. Both boys spoke a litde English. I put them up at No. 11 Cadogan Gardens, around the corner from my home. No. 11 is a wellknown small hotel, with very comfortable rooms and baths, impeccably clean, and the best breakfast in London - the only meal they served. Many of my friends from the continent and America used it when visiting London privately and not on company expense accounts. Khalid and Tarik had dinner with us at home that evening. They were fledglings, very likeable, bright young Arab boys, keen to seek experience and learn everything. We have remained friends ever since. Khalid has married a Brazilian girl and Tarik a Californian.