chapter  15
January - December 1977
Pages 8

On 3 October our Italian agent telephoned to ask if I would come to Genoa and meet with the Managing Director of the Camelli Group, owners of several VLCCs. Our agent, Alberto Dallari, assured me that the company was very interested in dry docking and repairing one of their VLCCs. The next day in Genoa, Mr. Marchesani, the Managing Director of Camelli, explained that their 245,000 DWT Ambrosiana was headed for the Gulf. He was prepared to have it dock at ASRY, but could not wait until 15 December, as the ship would arrive off Bahrain around 21 October. He gave me the repair list and asked for a quotation. I promised an answer about the pre-inaugural date docking and the repair price the next morning.