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Redway felt more at home. Vizetelly published Zola and other French naturalist writers in English translation; this was a strot;1gly political act in 1888, for which Vizetelly was fined and later impri~oned for obscene libel.13 By that time, Redway was established Street, specializing in esoteric books, such as Hargrave Jennings's Phallicism: Celestial and Terrestria~ Heathen and Christian, Arthur Machen's The Anatomy of Tobacco (both 1884) and Rosa Baughan's' The Handbook of Palmistry (3rd edition, revised, 1885). It was during this period that Redway acquired the copyright of Swinburne's poem A WOrd for the Navy and published a limited edition.14 He became London agent for the Theosophist in 1884, and was so much associated with the fashionable spiritualist movement that a contemporary described his own encounter with theosophy in terms of 'going in for a' course of Redway,.15