chapter  9
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Armenian wedding prayers-Greek wedding songs-Albanian-Mazedo-Walachen and Roumanian-Bulgarian-Serbian-Montenegrin-Spanish-Arabic lewish-lesiden-Turkish-Bedouin-Persian-Kurden-The sign of virginity-The significance of the wedding bed sheet-Among the Fellahs in

Concerning the wedding customs of several oriental folk I have already written in detail in my hook, "From Kaspi to Pontus." Other authors have also devoted sufficient care to these suhjects; Bodenstedt, Schweiger-Lerchenfeld, Ami Boue, Adolf Strauss, Fredrich S. Krauss, Kanitz, and Hahn. Finally, my friend D. Theophil Lohel-Efendi, Ottoman censure inspector, puhlished a hook several years ago in Amsterdam, in which everything concerning wedding customs in Turkey was printed, together with many collected anecdotes which he himself assemhled. With an eye on this rich and easily attainahle material, I helieve I shall need make hut short work of this chapter and touch gently upon only that which is least known.