chapter  12
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MENSTRUATION Beginning and end of the period-From Persia-Early maturity-Expediting methods-Restraining methods-Syrian-Serbian-A Moslem tradition-The harmfulness of those who menstruate to their neighbors-Ethnographic parallels-Biblical reminiscences-Cleansing baths-Uncleanness of those who menstruate-The concet of Tabu-Good and bad characteristics of those who menstruate, according to Plinius-Superstitious observations of the Syrians-Among the Jews of Palestine-European abnormalities-Menstrual blood as a medicine and love potion-Comparison of animals with humans-Menstruation and coitus--Ordinance 0/ the Zendavesta-Biblical

In the OrIent menstruation usually begins about the thirteenth year and stops with the thirtieth. The Oriental woilian ages quickly. At the age of 35 she is already old.