chapter  4
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WICKEDNESS Virginity among the Iranian and Hebrew folk-Zoroaster's preceptsMosaic laws-Violation of virginity-The Koran on debauchery-The writ· ings of Hamsa the Druse-Persian customs-Albanian punishments for the unchaste-A Christian·oriental custom-South Slavic notions-Nobler com· [Jositions in song-Rape is an outrage-Lascidous songs and feats-The south Slavic Kolo dance-The sex urge and the seasons-Ethnographic lIntJ

Among the peoples of ancient times it was only the Iranians and the Hebrews who had any understanding of the Moslem word chastity. To be su;e, in China, Hellas, and Rome they honored the virgin, hut they did not deem it sinful in certain cases to deflower her without her knowledge, and they held every sex act permissible so long as it did not infringe on the rights of another; for example, intercourse with a widow or with any other woman who was mistress of her own person.