chapter  6
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THE SEX ACT Defloration--Lubricating the penis-Among the Hindoos-Among the Serbians-Uncleanness of Coitus-Among ancient peoples-Moslem laws and observations-Abstemiousness among the Moslems and the Druses-The Turk Omer Haleby on the act of coitus-Superstitious fear of the demon at coitus~Washing and perfuming after coitus-The Hindoo method-A Turkish kiss-poem-South Slavic kisses-Parallels from Ovid-Delicacy and passion-Erotic and pig-like-Beating and biting at coitus-Sensuality and strife, love and anger-The best time for Coitus-Turkish notions-

Among the Hindoos, in order to make the penis "prevailing" the following was done: They stroked it "with honey mixed with the powder of Datura alba, pepper shrubs, and Piper longum." It is also said in the Kamasutra: "Euphrobia neriifolia and Euphrobia antiquorum, cut into pieces, provided with a powder of red arsenic and sulphur, pressed seven times and rubbed into a powder, rubbed on the penis with honey, makes it prevailing."