chapter  17
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THE KIND OF SEX ACTS Division 01 the kinds 01 coitus according to the dimensions 01 the sex organs-Ovid's little saying-Division 01 the Egyptian Fellah women accord· ing to the shflpe 01 the vulva-South Slavic songs on the narrowness or width 01 the vulva-A complaint 01 the poet Martial-Method lor narrowing the vulva-The secret of Poppea-Hindoo methods-Serbian songs-The male organ-Hymns of praise for great and powerful organs-Scornful songs about the little ones-The Old Testament on this point-Hindoo divisions of intercourse-The Koran on kinds of coitus-Teachings of the Turk Omer Haleby-Turkish methods-South Slavic-Bosnian coitus on the lap-The position of the woman-The Serbian coitus-The Bulgarian

kind-The Arabian kind-Dalmatinic and Croatian kinds.